6 Thoughts to “Students Opinions At Tajweed Previous Courses”

  1. Shanaz Akhtar

    Please could you tell me when this Quran course will start and some more information on the courses plz

    1. Alfetratu Wal Etqan

      27th of Febreuary the next Saturday insha ALLAH

    2. Alfetratu Wal Etqan

      assalmu alikom
      do you mean tajweed course?
      it wil start after eid insha ALLAH
      we teach quraan ,islamic studies and Quraan so we have courses as qaedah , ,tajweed, fiqha, Arabic… in groups and private too
      can you tell what is the course that you like to learn?what is the time that you prefer?in group or private?
      jazake Allahu kairan

  2. I have been a student of Qur’an with Tajweed for this organisation for the past two years. They are a great team of teachers, highly qualified, professional, diligent and dedicated to the delivery of a fantastic course. The teachers are patient, consistent and focused on excellent service delivery. I recommend them highly.

    1. Sara Fawzy

      Thank you sister.
      Jazake Allahu khairan we spend good time together I hope that Allah accept it.

  3. Hanifah Afinowi

    I have been studying Quran with the Alferatu Wal Etqan institute for the past 6 years since I was 10 and I just recently completed the tajweed course with them. Alhamdullilah they are very patient and committed teachers who who have really helped me improve my Quran recitation over the years. May Allah bless what they are doing .

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